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Recaro Profi SPG Racing Seat

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The RECARO Profi (FiA) racing seat provides the best starting position for racers seeking to compete for podium places. The Profi's ergonomic S shaped shell forms to the back and the he "built-in" lumbar support provides structured support for the lower back that protects against spinal compression in high impact accidents. Combined with high quality foam the seat is outstandingly comfortable. The bolsters and deep seat cushion pocket cradle your body. The seat holds you firmly in place preventing the fatigue and discomfort caused by unwanted movement during aggressive driving maneuvers. Available in 2 sizes, the Profi SPG XL is 35mm Wider than the normal Profi SPG. 

  • RECARO Profi SPG

  • FIA Certified and Crash Tested

  • RECARO Proprietary Ergonomics

  • RECARO High Integrity Comfort Shell - Fiberglass

  • Larger Height and Width - Fiberglass Shell

  • Aggressive Thigh & Torso Bolstering

  • Lumbar Cushions

  • Shock-absorbing foam

  • RECARO Friction Grip at Shoulders

  • Screw Mounted Panels at Belt Slots

  • Flame Retardant Upholstery

  • Long Lasting High Quality Cover

  • High Quality Durable Foam

  • Suitable for 4,5, or 6 Point Harness

 NOTE: Rails and seat brackets are not included. For Porsche seat mounting solutions - get the [BBi Seat Base and Slider Kit]

Part Number/ Size / Price

070.91.UU11 Profi SPG Standard

070.86.UU11 Profi SPG XL Black Velour

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  • $250 Single Seat

  • $400 Pair of Seats

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