Brembo 2-Piece Rotor Set, Front 991 Carrera, 997 Carrera, Turbo, 718 981 987 Cayman Boxster


Specs: (F) | 350x34mm (13.8") 2-Piece Discs | Complete Axle Set | Pre-Assembled | All Necessary Hardware Included

For Vehicles
987 Boxster S, Spyder Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.1 Boxster Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.1 Boxster S Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.1 Boxster GTS Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.1 Boxster Spyder Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.2 718 Boxster Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.2 718 Boxster S Front (PCCB Equipped)
987 Cayman S Front (PCCB Equipped)
987 Cayman R Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.1 Cayman Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.1 Cayman S Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.1 Cayman GTS Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.2 718 Cayman Front (PCCB Equipped)
981.2 718 Cayman S Front (PCCB Equipped)
997 C2S Front (PCCB Equipped)
997 C4S Front (PCCB Equipped)
997 Turbo Front (Excluding PCCB)
991.1 C2S/C4S/GTS Front (PCCB Equipped)



  • OEM INTEGRATION: Brembo 2-piece disc upgrades are designed to work seamlessly with the OE calipers and systems (manufactured by Brembo for Porsche). This guarantees the utmost in safety and seamless fitment.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Disc assemblies include an outer iron disc with aluminum bell/hat and provide decreased corner weights to improve vehicle dynamics including handling, acceleration, and braking.

  • TYPE III SLOT PATTERN: Extensively used in professional motorsports, the Type III slot pattern offers a high initial response with excellent release characteristics.

  • HIGH THERMAL CAPACITY: Greatly improved thermal capacity and heat management over OE discs and other aftermarket discs in the market. This also improves braking performance and allows for greater longevity of the components.

  • FRICTION MATERIALS: Everything we learn by supporting top professional racing teams throughout the world goes into selecting the best brake pad options for all levels of street, track and racing use.

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