BBi 991.2 GT3 RS ECU Calibration | Stage 1

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The 991.2 GT3 RS has a phenomenal powerplant but even Porsche leaves a little on the table. These stage 1 maps have been created to maximize the potential of the engine in stock form, developed for specific fuels including 100 octane.

There is a 8.36% max gain on 91 octane, 16.48% gain on 93 and 17.22% on 100 octane. We are seeing a 47wtq/40whp bump on 100 octane.

Stage1 Calibrations are designed for vehicles with an OEM parts configuration. If your modifications fall outside of these requirements, please contact us for a consultation and any custom tuning options.

The factory DME must be removed and mailed to BBi Autosport or an appointment can be made to remove the ECU and store the vehicle on site at BBi. The flashing process is non-intrusive on the ECU case. Turn around is usually within 1 day upon receipt of ECU. Return to Stock services (RTS) available ($250) as well as RTS and Map Change ($350).

Shipping options:

  • Customer Arranged inbound, outbound shipping

  • Standard: BBi sends an ECU box with return label. Customer removes ECU and uses BBi box for transport. Via Standard Ground Shipping both ways. $70

  • Expedited: BBi sends an ECU box with return label. Customer removes ECU and uses BBi box for transport. Via Overnight Shipping both ways. $170 (USA)

Available Maps:

  • Stage 1 91 Octane (95RON)

  • Stage 1 93 Octane (98RON)

  • Stage 1 100 Octane (102RON)

BBi ECU Program

BBi Autosport has partnered with Dyno Spectrum in broadening our engine calibration support. We have been working on creating ECU calibrations for Porsche GT series vehicles, McLaren and other platforms. DynoSpectum has years of experience in ECU tuning and reverse engineering and fully support us and their products. By utilizing the very capable factory ECUs we seek to create enhanced power calibrations with the OE-like stability, reliability and functionality.

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