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Michelin Track Connect: Real Tire Telemetry for All Enthusiasts

Targeting ideal tire pressures and monitoring temps has been a bit vague and largely based on experience and feel. Race teams have been collecting and working with such data for decades as its crucial in ensuring consistency, safety and maximum performance. Michelin is now bringing this technology to use with Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in a simple, easy to use package and they call it Michelin Track Connect.

We now have a simple app paired to some sensors that monitor tire pressures, temps. The app logs tire heat cycling, pressure changes and driving style. This data is then use to create RECOMMENDATIONS on how to properly set tire pressures per tire to keep the tire within the most optimal operating range, as Michelin engineers intended. This takes out a lot of guess work, provides you with a wealth of information and analysis and helps you keep your tires within the ideal range of operation.

Michelin has reached the perfect balance of simplicity and effectiveness with this Track Connect technology. Inside the tires there is a small pocket for a sensor that is installed when tires are mounted. The sensor package, receiver and accessories are sold separately and are transferable tire to tire. The tires themselves are the standard Pilot Sport Cup 2 but merely need to be the “Connect” version with the pocket. Tire cost is up by around 15$ over the regular tire and the Track Connect package is 499$.

We are looking forward to this becoming the new industry standard of what tires should come with. The feedback and information collected with Michelin Track Connect is invaluable for beginners and advanced drivers alike!

More RaceBBi track days are coming up and we look forward to putting Track Connect to use with our customers and helping them gain confidence with their cars and local tracks!


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PCA LA x BBi : Tech Session 02.16.2019

Once again we had the pleasure of hosting Porsche Club Of America (PCA) members from the Los Angeles chapter (PCA LA) at our facility in Huntington Beach for a shop tour and tech session.

We wanted to share our projects, passion and knowledge with the local enthusiasts, focusing on what might be of interest to the PCA members in particular. BBi offers a wide range of services including maintenance, restoration and rebuilds. We have a wealth of experience with how a Porsche can wear and how to best keep it running, be it simple routine upkeep or thorough overhauls.

BBi is, after all, a speed shop and we talked about our product lines for chassis, powertrain and safety upgrades and how they can enhance the ownership experience of new cars or rejuvenate the older models.

Our engine builder discussed nuances of aircooled and watercooled engines, fuel types and best practices for maintaining or tuning. Its not often that one can get a peek inside an engine and we have a full assortment of Porsche engines to explore.

BBi now hosts a series of racing events, geared towards new drivers who seek track side support and instruction. This is something that was created specifically for those who are looking to push their cars in a safe environment with some expertise and assistance. Event Calendar: www.bbiautosport.com/bbi-society.

A recap of a previous RaceBBi event at Willow Springs. [Link]

Some even got to enjoy our driving simulator!

We hope the PCA LA memebers enjoyed the visit. Our doors, emails and phones are always open for questions or insight. We are happy to be welcomed by the PCA LA chapter and look forward to hosting more events, helping members and servicing their Porsche vehicles.


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Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS Street Center Lock Service

If your Porsche 997 has a street center lock system, inspecting it regularly for wear or damage is highly recommended. Here on this 997.2 GT3 RS, we discovered corrosion and replaced the affected parts as shown in side by side comparison pictures. For race track use, Porsche has an official maintenance and service interval that must observed with the first maintenance being at 4,200 miles of cumulative track usage. Contact us today for all your Porsche maintenance needs!!!


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Porsche 997.1 GT3 RS Coolant Pipe Welding Retrofit

Bonded together by adhesives, the factory coolant pipes failing is a very common problem with the Porsche GT1-block equipped models (GT3, GT2, Turbo). As the best preventative fix/solution for this problem, BBi Autosport offers replacement billet aluminum coolant pipes to be permanently welded. Compared to the factory fittings, the replacement BBi billet fittings offers superior metallurgy to allow stronger, higher quality welds. We offer this complete service at our facility in Southern California from start to finish.