2016 Porsche Macan S Stage 2 Power Package Install


We are ready to have some fun with this 2016 Porsche Macan S Stage 2 Power Package Install for Turbo Tuesday!!! The Porsche Macan Stage 2 Power Package includes the COBB Tuning Accessport, AMS Performance Alpha Intercooler System and Alpha Performance Drop in Air Filters. Together, this Stage 2 Upgrade Package increases approximately 20% HP / 48% TQ peak gains & 58% HP/ 59% TQ max gains, depending on conditions and fuel grade.

Macan Stage 2 Power Package

Macan Stage 2 Power Package

The centerpiece of this package is AMS Performance Alpha Macan Intercooler System featuring the highest quality Bar and Plate Garrett Intercooler cores which are a full 43% thicker than OEM! Alpha’s massive cores give you the most power producing intercooler upgrade on the market. Each of the two super thick 85.5mm Garrett cores provide an optimum fin density of 20 fins per inch for unmatched cooling. Channeling cool air to the intercoolers is vital for optimum performance of any intercooler. The Alpha Performance Porsche Macan Intercooler System features rigid, OEM-quality, carbon fiber ducts designed to mate seamlessly to the intercoolers feeding them cooler ambient air more efficiently than the alternatives. Each organic shaped carbon fiber duct is not only highly functional and designed with performance in mind, they are aesthetically striking as well.

OEM vs AMS Alpha Intercoolers Side by Side Comparison

OEM vs Alpha Performance High-Flow Air Filters Side by Side Comparison

Airflow fed through the upgraded intercoolers is improved with Alpha Performance High-Flow filters. Consisting of a synthetic non-woven multi-layer structure, each Alpha Performance High-Flow filter flows an incredible 640 cubic feet of air a minute. The filtration media is tested using the ISO 5011 Fine Testing Standard to a minimum of 97% efficiency rating. The filter does NOT use oil or chemicals of any kind to aid filtration and will not degrade over time with exposure to varying temperatures and humidity like similar cotton based filters. This creates consistent performance between cleanings over the lifetime of the filter. The filter is easily cleaned by blowing compressed air across the media from the inside out to blow off residual dirt and dust.

AMS Alpha Intercoolers Installed

AMS Alpha Intercoolers Installed

20% HP / 48% TQ Peak Gains & 58% HP/ 59% TQ Max Gains

20% HP / 48% TQ Peak Gains & 58% HP/ 59% TQ Max Gains

To top it all off we loaded Cobb Accessport V3 to take advantage of the flow and cooler air and get as much power as possible while maintaining excellent drivability and consistent results. Being the world's best-selling and most flexible ECU upgrade solution, the Accessport V3 comes with Stage 1 and Stage 2 Off The Shelf maps in 91 and 93 octane configurations as well as complete custom tuning capabilities for any modification level.


  • Simple Installation: Everything is included for the simple installation you can do in your driveway! Intuitive on-screen instructions identify your exact vehicle, saves stock vehicle data, and displays available OTS maps.

  • Change Maps: Store up to 100 maps from our OTS map database or from your favorite COBB tuner and quickly switch between them for any need.

  • Vehicle Upgrade Support: As you continue to modify your car, Accessport maps can be used to optimize performance upgrades. Changing the map can be done in less than 1 minute in your driveway.

  • In Car Mount: The Accessport can be mounted in the vehicle to allow you to monitor the performance data.

  • Data Logging: Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of engine performance. Stores up to 1 hour of continuous data.

  • Gauges: Use your Accessport as a gauge to monitor boost or any other live information, directly from the ECU.

  • Trouble Codes: Read engine trouble codes to diagnose issues. Clear them when resolved. Prevent expensive trips to the dealership.

  • Full Uninstall: Using the Uninstall option will completely remove our programming from the car’s ECU. It is then able to be re-installed after a dealer visit or on another vehicle.



Cobb Accessport PDK Tuning for Porsche 997.2 Turbo/Turbo S/Carrera, and 987.2 Cayman/Boxter Now Available


Do you want your 997.2 Turbo PDK to shift more like a 991 GT3 and have higher horsepower holding capacity? We are extremely excited to annouce that our technical partners at COBB Tuning recently released the Accessport PDK Tuning for all currently supported Porsche 997.2 and 987.2 vehicles. Similar to the initial PDK Tuning release for 991.1 and 981 vehicles, this release offers users the ability to flash the factory PDK controller with COBB optimized Off The Shelf Map files.

Supported Vehicles:

Porsche 987.2 Cayman / Boxster  

  • 2009-2012 Porsche Boxster S (987.2) PDK WM

  • 2009-2012 Porsche Cayman S (987.2) PDK WM

  • 2011-2012 Porsche Cayman R (987.2) PDK WM

  • 2011-2012 Porsche Boxster Spyder (987.2) PDK WM

Porsche 997.2 Carrera

  • 2009-2012 Porsche Carrera S (997.2) PDK WM

  • 2009-2012 Porsche Carrera 4S (997.2) PDK WM

  • 2011-2012 Porsche Carrera GTS (997.2) PDK WM

  • 2011-2012 Porsche Carrera 4GTS (997.2) PDK WM

Porsche 997.2 Turbo

  • 2010-2013 Porsche 911 (997.2) PDK Turbo WM

  • 2010-2013 Porsche 911 (997.2) PDK Turbo S WM

Porsche 997.2 Turbo Updates

  • Increased Minimum Shift Points

    • This feature increases the lowest RPM at which the PDK will shift to the next gear in Normal and Sport drive modes.

    • Increased Shift Firmness

      • COBB Sport, COBB Aggressive, and COBB High Torque Aggressive maps raise the shift firmness to help reduce clutch slip.

    • Increased Clutch Pressure

      • COBB High Torque Aggressive maps raise the maximum clutch pressures to help reduce clutch slip after shifting. The COBB High Torque Aggressive map is typically used on vehicles that have an increased engine torque output of 50% or more over stock. A PDK relearn may be required when switching from this map to other COBB maps or uninstalling. PDK Relearn instructions are located below.

    • Minimized Continuous Clutch Slip

      • COBB Sport, COBB Aggressive, and COBB High Torque Aggressive maps decrease the RPM at which the clutch is engaged in continuous slip, generally between 1000-2500RPM.

    • Decreased Shift Time

      • COBB Aggressive maps decrease upshift and downshift time.

    • Summary

      • COBB Sport: Increased minimum shift points, shift firmness increased, and continuous slip decreased.

      • COBB Aggressive: All COBB Sport features plus decreased shift time.

      • COBB High Torque: All COBB Sport features plus increased clutch pressures.