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BBi x Pankl in Monterey for Werks Reunion and Historics Racing

BBi Autosport has partnered with Pankl Racing Systems to push forward Additive Manufacturing for production of automotive performance and lifestyle components. The automotive events during car week in Monterey were a perfect opportunity to present what we have been working on and what is to come. We brought along the fastest Porsche to ever take on Pikes Peak - Lucy, the fastest stock engine Porsche - BBi GT2 RS VMax. Lisa Taylor, one of our close friends, was kind enough to show off her Ultramarine Blue PTS 991 GT3 as well!

Werks Reunion, hosted by Porsche Club of America at the Corral de Tierra Country Club, was created to celebrate the Porsche marquee and to bring together enthusiasts, collectors, legends and fans. Its an very well done event with a people coming together from across the world. It was great talking to all the enthusiasts and educating them on the power of 3D printing, how BBi uses it and what the future holds.

The new Titanium GT2 RS Exhaust was on display showcasing the printed X section and tips. We also brought along the 991 Turbo intake manifold and new aero components. These parts fully utilize 3D printing to take advantage of minimal material usage, maximum utility with unique design elements.

The Pikes Peak race car was then moved on to the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion to be displayed by Michelin. The Motorsport Reunion event features many vendors and more importantly racing events. Historic racecars roar around the track from all decades.

Michelin is a long time BBi partner as creators of the best tires for road and race use. The Michelin racing slicks were a major factor in our success at Pikes Peak. We were honored to have Lucy on display at such an event along with other titans of motorosport and history.


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Michelin Track Connect: Real Tire Telemetry for All Enthusiasts

Targeting ideal tire pressures and monitoring temps has been a bit vague and largely based on experience and feel. Race teams have been collecting and working with such data for decades as its crucial in ensuring consistency, safety and maximum performance. Michelin is now bringing this technology to use with Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in a simple, easy to use package and they call it Michelin Track Connect.

We now have a simple app paired to some sensors that monitor tire pressures, temps. The app logs tire heat cycling, pressure changes and driving style. This data is then use to create RECOMMENDATIONS on how to properly set tire pressures per tire to keep the tire within the most optimal operating range, as Michelin engineers intended. This takes out a lot of guess work, provides you with a wealth of information and analysis and helps you keep your tires within the ideal range of operation.

Michelin has reached the perfect balance of simplicity and effectiveness with this Track Connect technology. Inside the tires there is a small pocket for a sensor that is installed when tires are mounted. The sensor package, receiver and accessories are sold separately and are transferable tire to tire. The tires themselves are the standard Pilot Sport Cup 2 but merely need to be the “Connect” version with the pocket. Tire cost is up by around 15$ over the regular tire and the Track Connect package is 499$.

We are looking forward to this becoming the new industry standard of what tires should come with. The feedback and information collected with Michelin Track Connect is invaluable for beginners and advanced drivers alike!

More RaceBBi track days are coming up and we look forward to putting Track Connect to use with our customers and helping them gain confidence with their cars and local tracks!


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Season Opener : RaceBBi at Willow Springs 01.27.19


Towards the end of 2018 BBi partnered with SpeedDistrict and jump started the RaceBBi track days. High performance driving events (HPDE) are meant to provide an outlet for enthusiasts to push the limit of their vehicles on local tracks. We wanted to expand the experience and tailor it to our customers by providing track side support, instruction and hospitality. This enables us to educate our customers on their latest upgrades, build confidence in their vehicles and setups and do so within a safe environment with our technicians and tools on hand.

We started off 2019 with the first RaceBBi track day at Willow Springs Raceway near Rosamond, CA. The main track, Big Willow, is 2.5 miles long with nine turns and significant elevation change. Willow Springs is also the oldest permanent racetrack in the United States, opening in November of 1953. It is now a Historical Point of Interest in California. Fastest time at this track is 1 minute and 6.05 seconds as set by Michael Andretti in a CART Indycar. Please don’t try to beat that… yet.

Some cars were delivered in time for the event. We had just completed another milestone for the BBi 4.0l 997 GT3: full E85 compatibility. That means a new in-tank fuel system update, injectors and flex fuel sensor. The Syvecs ECU handles all the tuning changes with the flex fuel sensor. Our calibrator was collecting data logs as the car ran the sessions. Nothing beats real-world data. This is a real example of how much can be done when we have full control over the engine, being able to adjust the smallest details to enhance performance and drivability.

The 991.2 GT3RS has barely over 100 miles on the clock and was finished for this event as well. BBi StreetCup spring package updates the spring rates and our Corner Balance and Alignment set it up for the track. Wheels were swapped to the Manthey BBS WEC spec Magnesium wheels, wrapped in the new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R Tires resulting in massive grip and weight loss. BBi 3D printed inconel long tube headers with side muffler deletes uncorked the already impressive engine (and reduced weight) To top it all off we loaded a BBi ECU calibration to take advantage of the flow and get a bit more power out of higher octane fuel. The car is quite impressive out of the box, but there is more to be had and we will keep dialing it in.

The Ultima GTR always turns heads (and ears) and it was back out for some more testing and validation. Its an impressive machine as its built like a race car with a massive engine and now a sequential transmission. MoTeC keeps the powerplant going and the traction control logic works great to keep the car steady. We collected data logs to ensure all is within spec.

Driver instruction is a big part of this experience and understanding of vehicle dynamics. We will walk you through the best line around the track, talk about brake and acceleration zones. We also talk about proper reactions to ensure your safety on the specific track and in regards to other drivers. Thoughout the day our team works with the drivers, getting feedback on the vehicles and feel and recommending shock settings, advising on tire wear and track conditions. Each car is also continuously inspected for debris, damage or other hazards or issues.

Working with our customers and seeing our builds being thrashed around the track is also massively beneficial for us in how we develop product, ECU calibrations and chassis setups. We collect telemetry and logs from the cars after sessions, we gather driver and instructor feedback and complete post track day inspections. The wealth of data and notes gathered helps us review design requirements and adjust products and services as needed.

At the end of the day we get to see our work perform and our customers enjoying their cars. We develop these parts and work with our clients create their bespoke machines for this exact purpose. There are more events in 2019 (Check out the Calendar) and we look forward to working with more of you! The Buttonwillow RaceBBi event (02.08.19) is up and registration is open (Link)

Thank you SpeedDistrict for hosting, Jason of Shift-S3ctor for spearheading this, the instructors for their patience and wisdom and our crew for their relentless support and energy. We also are grateful for our Partners who help us support their products or share their resources to build these machines.

Here are some more photos from this day.