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BBi Test & Tune: 997 Turbo Porsche and Ultima GTR

BBi Autosport test and tune at Auto Club Speed way, hosted by Speed District. We brought out the Porsche 997 turbo and the Ultima GTR for some shakedown runs.

The Porsche 997 Turbo has been overhauled with Porsche Cup car Carbon doors, roof along with decklid and wing. New #aerodynamics updates on the front end. Chassis has a 991-like Cup car roll cage and suspension has been updated with GT3 front uprights, while still retaining the AWD system along with Ohlins TTX dampers. This through build has a myriad of other upgrades and we will make a profile of this car soon. Its quite the #machine in its native environment.

The Ultima GTR has been upgraded with a Albins sequential transmission, full new wiring and sensor package with Motec as the electronics platform. The vehicle now has traction control, instant shifts and is simply from a different world when it comes to track performance.