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BBi x Pankl in Monterey for Werks Reunion and Historics Racing

BBi Autosport has partnered with Pankl Racing Systems to push forward Additive Manufacturing for production of automotive performance and lifestyle components. The automotive events during car week in Monterey were a perfect opportunity to present what we have been working on and what is to come. We brought along the fastest Porsche to ever take on Pikes Peak - Lucy, the fastest stock engine Porsche - BBi GT2 RS VMax. Lisa Taylor, one of our close friends, was kind enough to show off her Ultramarine Blue PTS 991 GT3 as well!

Werks Reunion, hosted by Porsche Club of America at the Corral de Tierra Country Club, was created to celebrate the Porsche marquee and to bring together enthusiasts, collectors, legends and fans. Its an very well done event with a people coming together from across the world. It was great talking to all the enthusiasts and educating them on the power of 3D printing, how BBi uses it and what the future holds.

The new Titanium GT2 RS Exhaust was on display showcasing the printed X section and tips. We also brought along the 991 Turbo intake manifold and new aero components. These parts fully utilize 3D printing to take advantage of minimal material usage, maximum utility with unique design elements.

The Pikes Peak race car was then moved on to the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion to be displayed by Michelin. The Motorsport Reunion event features many vendors and more importantly racing events. Historic racecars roar around the track from all decades.

Michelin is a long time BBi partner as creators of the best tires for road and race use. The Michelin racing slicks were a major factor in our success at Pikes Peak. We were honored to have Lucy on display at such an event along with other titans of motorosport and history.


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BBi R&D: 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering with Creaform and 3D INFOTECH

Garbage in, garbage out as they say. Reverse engineering is part of every day development at BBi Autosport when creating new performance upgrades or bespoke components. Speed, accuracy and simplicity is key when it comes to gathering data as this helps shorten the development cycle and increase quality. We seek to have OEM like fit and finish with best possible performance possible within every part. For a lot of our development we are using laser scanners to collect data - which allow us to create 3D snapshots of cars and components. This way we do not need to keep referencing the vehicle.

Chris from 3D INFOTECH brought over the latest offering from Creaform - the HandySCAN Black. This is a simple hand-held scanner featuring blue laser technology which performs great on dark and reflective surfaces. The way these scanners collect data is by shining laser beam flashes onto surfaces and using special cameras to capture how the lasers bounce back. Small reflective dots allow the scanner software to create a coordinate system and align all the snapshots together - creating a larger 3D picture. The speed of capture, accuracy has been greatly improved with the HandySCAN Black as it was very impressive how fast it soaked up all the details. What is also very useful is that the objects that are being scanned do not need to be stationary. The 991.2 Carrera T exhaust that we were scanning could be picked up, rotated and moved (as long as the dots are still on) which allowed for much easier and quicker capture.

How that data is handled is just as important as the scanner hardware. Creaform has a great software package that reviews all scanned points, consolidates and optimizes the points and forms a clean, easy to manage file to be used in parametric modelling software.

These scanners allow us to reduce R&D time and reduce dependency on having the vehicle physically in-house for the duration of the development. The 3D snapshots of the parts and car allow us to work within a 3D environment, creating components that would perfectly mesh with the factory parts as needed.

We will update more as we keep developing the Porsche Carrera exhaust system, how we use the data and how our concepts come to life.


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Porsche Motorsport 991.1 GT3 Cup Body Conversion Now Available


How do you make your roadgoing Porsche 991.1 GT3 stand out from the rest? You can transform it to look like a factory GT3 Cup race car with genuine Porsche Motorsport parts! This exclusive front and rear end conversion package comes complete with Front Bumper, Fenders, Flares, Tow Hook, Wing, Uprights, Decklid, and Supporting Hardware (not shown). All components in this package are unpainted. Professional installation is required and available at our facility. Additional components including the hood and rear bumper are all available separately for a complete motorsport look.


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Postdating the 964 and 993 : BBi Billet Uprights

Porsche 964 and 993 platforms are still considered quite sophisticated for their time. But time is unforgiving when it comes to technology advances, materials and design. Time simply leaves everything in its dust.

The market has improved support for these cars with hardware, accessories and electronics, but no one thoroughly addressed the outdated suspension geometry. In 2017 we took on bringing the 964/993 platforms up to date using the latest tools and manufacturing processes. Porsche left a lot on the plate in the 90s and we picked up where they left off. To help with this effort we once again partnered with Scarbo Performance who have years of experience developing complex suspension systems and creating incredible parts.

6 Months of Development | 200+ hours of engineering | 4 iterations

We started off with 3D Laser scanning the front suspension of the 964 and 993 platforms, modelling all the components to create a virtual setup of each car in CAD. Furthermore, we scanned the standard OE uprights as well as the EVO variants to evaluate what were were working with.

With the factory configurations set in CAD we started to work on our design targeting what needed to be updated based on how we needed to set the cars. After a complete kinematics study we needed to eliminate bump steer, address the ackerman angle and add adjustability. Most of the cars we work with are also lowered which cut into shock travel. We found that the Evo uprights were well designed, but still left room for improvement.

After 6 months of development, with over 200 hours of engineering and after 4 design iterations we locked the design. The end result is a geometry, strength and weight optimized part. It is machined form 6061 billet aluminum on 5-axis CNC machines and hard coat anodized in black.


The roll center has been corrected and bump steer has been virtually eliminated. The shock mount was also lowered by 50mm, accommodating lowered vehicles and gaining back shock travel. We have retained full compatibility with OE heat shielding, sensors and bearings. The caliper mounts are designed for the OEM Porsche 993 Brembo units.

The whole upright is not just optimized for suspension geometry but for strength and weight. To ensure best performance on track, the part was subject to extensive FEA testing to be 2x stronger than the OE part. We’ve added structural ribbing to increase rigidity. It has also been optimized for weight. Each upright is just 5.56lbs despite the added strength and denser material.

Bump Steer Curves

The goal is to have no change in steering angle, as the wheels travels up and down (a flat line). The Evo uprights are a significant improvement over OE, but we found further improvement there with the BBi units.
  • Developed for lower ride height: 50mm lower than OEM, non RS

  • Adjusted Strut mount location for full shock travel

  • Corrected Roll Center

  • Virtually eliminated Bump Steer

  • Perfect Ackerman

  • Retains OE Shield Mounting

  • Reinforced Tie Rod and Control Arm mounting

  • FEA Tested for strength vs. weight optimization (2x Stronger, 5.56lbs/pc)

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum with Steel Tapered Inserts

  • 5-Axis CNC Machined

We are very satisfied with the part and the impact it has on these older platforms. Combined with our spherical control arm joints, inner and outer tie rods and a solid coil over setup - it really transforms the car as a whole. We have sold over 50 sets now since the product launched. Francis was one of our first customers with the setup. He tracks and daily drives his car.

"Huge Difference - turn-in is much more immediate, no more on-center wiggle/sloppiness, the weight through the wheel loads up in a nice way now, and that bump steer is no more! The wheel carriers were installed with the tie rods and ball joints from you guys as well. Amazing package!" - Francis

These BBi 964/993 Uprights are available to order as well as the supporting components. We can pre-assemble bearing and help you spec the ideal suspension configuration for your aircooled Porsche.