226.95 mph : the BBi VMax GT2 RS Porsche

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When building something to push limits is helps to have a good foundation. The Porsche GT2 RS is just that. With 690hp and 211mph capable out of the box its a very serious machine. Even with some basic ECU tuning it already approaches dangerous territory. This being a BBi project - naturally it was not enough.

Every aspect of the car was reviewed and touched with the idea was to keep it as minimally invasive with “bolt-on” solutions. We had to apply as much creativity to setup, weight reduction and power gaining as possible without going full Pikes Peak build on it.

This is the BBi VMax GT2 RS Porsche. Its the fastest 911 with a factory engine, its the fastest 991 generation Porsche and is the fastest 991 GT2 RS. The VMax GT2 RS reached 226.95mph at Sun Valley Tour de Force charity event, second only to the Bugatti Chiron, with 10 more cylinders and 2 more turbochargers.


VMax Power Package

Boost, Cooling, Calibration

We needed more power. To handle more power we needed to remove restrictions on the induction and exhaust side. We needed to manage the heat better to handle the power and abuse. All these challenges needed solutions.

More Turbo. Larger turbochargers were fitted. These are plug-and-play units, still utilizing VTG technology but now fitted with larger billet compressor wheel and higher flow turbine. Developed by TheTurboEngineers (TTE) in Germany, they are built with the same precision as factory units along with being engineered to maximize output. The turbos perform like factory with quick spool times but deliver greater power as needed. The direct OEM upgrade keeps things simple, without needing adapters or lines.

TTE has been a leader in turbo development especially in the realm of VTG applications. Their experience and background in motorsport is applied to every system.

BBi Autosport Porsche 991 GT2 RS 3.5” Titanium Exhaust System as an essential part of the BBi Autosport 991 GT2 RS Power Package. This system utilizes 3D printing to achieve unique geometry and design elements to ensure unrestricted flow and weight reduction. The 3D printed unique cross over provide smooth exhaust flow and the internal port balances the banks. The exhaust tip, also printed, replaces the decorative factory rings with a real part and incorporates elements from motorsport exhausts. The inner ring, for example, is used to lower decibel levels on race exhaust outlets. Pankl, a race engineering company out of Austria, has been making great strides in establishing Additive Manufacturing as a production method. We have partnered with Pankl to apply the technology and work on infusing more 3D printed components in design and products and explore new possibilities that the technology allows for.

BBi Autosport joined forces with C&R Racing to help design and manufacture the intercooler upgrade system for the Porsche GT2 RS (991). As part of PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, C&R is a full-scale cooling provider, supplying R&D, testing and production of cooling solutions to top-tier race teams, performance automotive niche vehicle manufacturers, and specialty car builders who want only the best for their projects. This kit is ready for installation (plug & play) and features a tube and fin core for ultimate cooling. We opted for a tube and fin core instead of bar and plate for its lighter weight and more efficient thermal inertia. This means it cools quickly when exposed to direct air flow.

To further optimize air flow we added IPD components. The design of the IPD Porsche Plenum replaces the factory plastic "T" style design with a more efficient, precision casted aluminum "Y" design. The fundamental purpose of a plenum is to deliver smoother air at a higher velocity with greater efficiency. The IPD Plenums distributes the air -flow more effectively while reducing pressure drop at the inlet by utilizing a true merge collector and dimpled interior surfacing.

To further improve airflow, the innovative IPD High Flow Y-Pipe design is a direct fit OEM replacement that is not only larger but also utilizes “non-round” runners, in addition to the same design principles as the plenum. These improvements of the Y-Pipe alone deliver an additional 35+ wheel HP, 40+ Foot Pounds of Torque. Together, the IPD Plenum & Y-Pipe increase horsepower and torque well above the factory power curve from launch to redline. The result will be smooth and linear power with considerably quicker boost response creating a longer and more desirable power band.

One thing we noted was that the OEM tank for the intercooler sprayers was rather small. It would be emptied out rather quick with hard driving. We started exploring options and since we were implementing a methanol system as well we opted to use two tanks side by side. The new water tank is 3 gallons, more than double that of the OE tank. The two tanks sit perfectly within the trunk and are easily accessible. The water meth system is carefully plumbed and wired in accordingly. The IC water sprayer works like factory. Interestingly enough, with the upgraded inter-coolers and methanol, even with hard driving and more boost the intake air temps rarely reach the threshold where the water sprayer is activated.

To take advantage of all the hardware - there is the software. We utilize COBB Tuning Accessport and create bespoke calibrations for various fuel types and running conditions. We have been working with COBB for several years, pushing the limits of the factory ECU to achieve highest possible power levels while retaining OE like drivability and daily usage. The VMax GT2 RS is just that - daily drivable.. and 226 mph capable.

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Planted, Balanced

For anyone seeking track, canyon use of their GT or RS vehicles we always recommend a basic corner balance and alignment. Porsche sets these cars to understeer and we like to reset the alignment to help the car rotate and for the driver to have more confidence through corners.

The biggest upgrade to the VMax GT2 RS were the Manthey-Racing spec KW Coilovers. These are 4-way adjustable units with MR spring rates, same as what was used on the MR GT2 RS which ran the record setting Nurburgring lap. They are a little stiff for regular street use but it really sharpens up the car, reduces bodyroll and adds a more direct feel. We added our bump steer kit, thrusts arm kit to add adjustability. Installing adjustable drop links enabled us to corner balance the vehicle, even with the carbon anti-roll bars.

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Wheels & Tires

The wheel and tire package consists of the tried and true Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires with the new Connected Tire technology, wrapped on Forgeline GE1R Wheels (20”, 21”).

Michelin makes the best high performance street tires and now they have added motorsport-like telemetry to compliment and enhance tire performance. Small sensors are mounted to each tire which are read out by a small receiver you place in the cabin. Once set up with the mobile app, you will see real time temp and pressure data. Furthermore, because this is developed BY Michelin FOR Michelin tires - you are given recommendations based on this real time data as to what pressures to run for optimal tire performance. This is almost like having a tire engineer interpret sensor read out and advise.

The app also has track info so you can use it as a lap timer and a logger to monitor temp and pressure. After a few laps you will see how your tires are doing, if you are over driving them or if pressures need to be adjusted - per each tire!. Running optimal pressures is absolutely vital to ensuring the tires are within their ideal compound operating range. This is truly some incredible and extremely useful tech.

The 8-spoke center locking Forgeline GE1 combines the latest in advanced wheel technology, including one piece forged monoblock construction, motorsport engineered design, I-beamed spokes, and I-beamed spoke spans to deliver head-turning good looks with track-ready capability. The GE1 is engineered exclusively for Porsche center lock applications and fits all Porsche center lock systems for street and track, including Cup Car and RSR applications.

The Forgeline GE1 is a fully-forged one-piece monoblock wheel. Utilizing manufacturing technology similar to the very successful GA1R wheel, the concave 8-spoke design of the GE1 looks great and allows plenty of room for caliper clearance and extreme brake fitment. The one-piece monoblock forging and computer-simulated FEA design process yield a wheel that is very lightweight, extremely stiff, and has excellent fatigue strength.

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BBi StreetCup Safety

If aiming to go over 180mph - its best to be safe. The BBi Safety Package for 991 vehicles is a complete solution for ensuring you are secure in the vehicle with the correct equipment.

The StreetCup Harness bar is a bolt in solution for harness mounting and is developed specifically for the GT and RS vehicles. The main hoop is rolled to match the headliner and to be as low profile as possible. The symmetry in the bar construction compliments the vehicle and we are able to offer an assortment of colors. On the VMax the harness bar is coated in satin black to blend in and disapear.

Schroth 6 point harnesses are used for restraint. These are high quality belts, used by Porsche motorsport as well. The factory carbon bucket seats are great, but we opted for FIA approved race seats. The RECARO Profi (FiA) racing seat provides the best starting position for racers seeking to compete for podium places. The Profi's ergonomic S shaped shell forms to the back and the he "built-in" lumbar support provides structured support for the lower back that protects against spinal compression in high impact accidents. Combined with high quality foam the seat is outstandingly comfortable. The bolsters and deep seat cushion pocket cradle your body. The seat holds you firmly in place preventing the fatigue and discomfort caused by unwanted movement during aggressive driving maneuvers. Available in 2 sizes, the Profi SPG XL is 35mm Wider than the normal Profi SPG.

Further more we added a fire supression system. There should be no limits to how safe one can be, and this is a must for any vehicle that is built to be pushed to the limit.

We also explored weight reduction. Radio was removed as well as a lot of the interior trim and carpeting. We the use the Porsche Motorsport interior from the Clubsport program and created a light weight rear carpeting solution for this vehicle. In total we saved 200lbs!