BBi takes on McLaren: Titanium 720s Exhaust and Tuning Program

McLaren is most definitely a household name in the world of motorsport. Since the late 1960s the company has been at the forefront of race engineering producing F1 Grand Prix winning machines and some incredible super cars in between. The McLaren F1 is still considered to be one of the most significant street legal cars ever built. It held the title for world’s fastest road going car for 7 years (240mph) until Koenigsegg surpassed it in 2005.


Porsche will always be special to us, but we cannot ignore these McLaren vehicles. Despite being half as old as Porsche, the marquee has achieved so much. One of the latest cars in their lineup is the 720S, powered by a very well engineered twin-turbo 4.0l V8. Pair that with the advanced aero, traction control and sharp gear box and you have a very capable missile.

We’ve been working with the 720S for some time now, developing exhaust components and tuning solutions. Out of the box its one of the most impressive cars on the road and with some calibration magic its even more potent. We recently supported a customer at the Shift-S3ctor 1/2 mile racing event, where the BBi tuned 720S ran an impressive 179.07mph with just some race downpipes, solid ECU calibration and good tires. Our calibration partner for the McLaren program, Dyno Spectrum, works continuously to get more and more out of this platform.

Being familiarized with this platform now we wanted to open up to the McLaren market. Over the coming months we will be rolling out a focused product line, designed to greatly enhance the experience of owning these cars, maximizing their potential without compromising their elegance and functionality. The titanium exhaust will be one of the first products, followed by ECU calibration program. We are putting other components into production as well which will cover the MP12-4C, 570, 600, 650, 675, 720 and perhaps more.

BBi 720S Titanium Exhaust

The 720S is already optimized in so many ways, so we sought to reduce weight and tune the engine sound. This titanium exhaust system features 3” mandrel bent tubing with a an X section that produces a refined yet distinct exhaust note. The new system weights just 8.7lbs. This is a direct OE replacement and upgrade. No modification to vehicle and mounts in the same locations. Each unit is branded with BBi on the brace as well as the tips.

One thing we have noticed on the 720s is that with the OEM exhaust and the tip placement - the rear bumper gets discolored, despite the small heat shielding. We updated the OE tips to a longer design which resolved the issue. With this design we apply the same update: the tips sit at the edge of the bumper. This gives the rear a more aggressive look and keep the heat off the bumper.

Product Link Below. We are now taking orders.