991 GT2 RS IPD Plenum/Cobb Tuning Power Package & bBi Harness Bar Safety Package


Unleashing the beast, how do you make the monster that is the Porsche 991.2 GT2RS even more powerful? We added our BBi Autosport Elements Power Package which includes an IPD Plenum & Y-Pipe and COBB Tuning Accessport.

991 GT2 RS IPD Plenum & Y-Pipe

The revolutionary and patented design of the IPD Porsche Plenum improves intake air -flow by replacing the factory plastic "T" style design with a more efficient, precision casted aluminum "Y" design. The fundamental purpose of a plenum is to deliver smoother air at a higher velocity with greater efficiency. The IPD Plenums distributes the air -flow more effectively while reducing pressure drop at the throttle body inlet by utilizing a true merge collector and dimpled interior surfacing. To further improve airflow, the innovative IPD High Flow Y-Pipe design is a direct fit OEM replacement that is not only larger but also utilizes “non-round” runners, in addition to the same design principles as the plenum. These improvements of the Y-Pipe alone deliver an additional 35+ wheel HP, 40+ Foot Pounds of Torque. Together, the IPD Plenum & Y-Pipe increase horsepower and torque well above the factory power curve from launch to redline. The result will be smooth and linear power with considerably quicker boost response creating a longer and more desirable power band.


  • Increases horsepower, torque, and boost by responsibly optimizing air -flow efficiency

  • Designed with 3D Modeling & Computational Fluid Dynamics software

  • Utilizes diversion splitter and dimpled interior surface eliminate turbulence and increase air -flow

  • High quality cast aluminum construction

  • Direct fit OEM replacement

  • Made in USA

991 GT2 RS Cobb Accessport Software Upgrade

No performance upgrade is complete without a tune to reliably extract as much power as possible while maintaining excellent drivability and consistent results. The Accessport for the 2018 991 GT2 RS is the ONLY handheld flash option. Being the world's best-selling and most flexible ECU upgrade solution, the Accessport V3 comes with Stage 1 and Stage 2 Off The Shelf maps in 91 and 93 octane configurations as well as complete custom tuning capabilities coming soon for any modification level.


  • Power Gains: Maximum gains of 15% HP and TQ and peak gains of 12% HP and 8% TQ to the wheels over stock on 91 octane fuel. With 93 octane in the tank, maximum gains jump to 38% HP and TQ to the wheels and peak gains increase to 18% HP and 32% TQ to the wheels.

  • Simple Installation: Everything is included for the simple installation you can do in your driveway! Intuitive on-screen instructions identify your exact vehicle, saves stock vehicle data, and displays available OTS maps.

  • Change Maps: Store up to 100 maps from our OTS map database or from your favorite COBB tuner and quickly switch between them for any need.

  • Vehicle Upgrade Support: As you continue to modify your car, Accessport maps can be used to optimize performance upgrades. Changing the map can be done in less than 1 minute in your driveway.

  • In Car Mount: The Accessport can be mounted in the vehicle to allow you to monitor the performance data.

  • Data Logging: Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of engine performance. Stores up to 1 hour of continuous data.

  • Gauges: Use your Accessport as a gauge to monitor boost or any other live information, directly from the ECU.

  • Trouble Codes: Read engine trouble codes to diagnose issues. Clear them when resolved. Prevent expensive trips to the dealership.

  • Full Uninstall: Using the Uninstall option will completely remove our programming from the car’s ECU. It is then able to be re-installed after a dealer visit or on another vehicle.

BBi Autosport Partnership with Cobb and IPD

COBB Tuning brings a wealth of knowledge with ECU tuning since 1999, and BBi Autosport has been instrumental in helping COBB Tuning's development for all applications since its first foray into the Porsche market in 2014. In a similar fashion, IPD has been developing patented intake plenum upgrades for Porsche vehicles since 2004 - now covering more than 30 applications distributed worldwide - and continues to share the same facility and technical resources with BBi Autosport to deliver the most innovative Porsche engine upgrades. Combining all our expertise and engineering capabilities, all components of our BBi Power Package are designed and developed at our facility to work in perfect harmony with each other and deliver reliable and consistent results.

BBi Autosport 991 StreetCup Harness Bar Safety Package

Next, we installed our BBi Street Cup harness bar to provide additional protection and mounting locations for the Schroth Racing 6 point racing harnesses. The bar features a 2 piece design and high strength seamless tubing (1.75” x 0.095, 1.5” x 0.083) for excellent strength to weight ratio. With our sensible design approach, the 2 piece design mounts to frame structure, utilizing factory bolts, to provide strongest mounting points and maximum protection. For superior strength and rigidity, the bar utilizes “X” braces on both front and rear sections and each joint has been meticulously TIG welded by hand. Bolt-in installation is accomplished by using Inner Diameter Tube Clamps that are CNC turned and milled for a precise fit. These unique joints allow us to eliminate the more traditional slip fit tubes with an unsightly through-bolt and nut.


  • 1.75” x 0.095”, 1.5” x 0.083” high strength seamless tubing (DOM) utilized for excellent strength to weight ratio

  • TIG welded and utilizes “X” braces on front and rear sections for superior strength and rigidity

  • Mounts to frame structure (utilizing factory bolts) to provide strongest mounting points and maximum protection

  • Utilizes laser cut mounting plates & inner diameter tube clamps that are CNC turned and milled for a precise fit

  • Designed to work with stock seats or any aftermarket seats on the market

  • Allows full seat travel to accommodate taller drivers

  • Can be used with stock seat belts or 6 point harnesses for track use

  • Designed to work with wrap-around style harnesses while optional eyelet bolt provisions are available for clip-in harnesses

  • OEM fit & finish. The main hoop contours entire arch of the roof with an even 3/16 inch gap

  • Finished in satin black powder coat. Other colors available Bolt-in installation requires no drilling and minimal carpet trimming

  • Made in USA