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Porsche 997.1 GT3 CSF Radiator Installation at BBi Autosport


While the cooling systems of modern day Porsches are among the best, they still ultimately wear items that deteriorate with heat cycling and inevitably fail and the factory design leaves a lot of room for improvement. The original radiators on our client's Porsche 997.1 GT3 here developed a slow leak and we took this opportunity to upgrade the vehicle's entire cooling system with direct replacement CSF All Aluminum Race Radiators for improved cooling performance and durability. 


CSF All Aluminum Race Radiator for Porsche 996 997 GT3/Turbo Models

Each radiator features upgraded surface area and stronger cross tubes for improved efficiency and cooling. Unlike the stock units with single row cores, the CSF radiators utiizes a 2 row core (dual core) with B-Tube technology. The B-tube technology is exclusive to CSF in the N. American high performance aftermarket. The B structure of the tube is stronger than a normal "oval" welded type tube. Because of the structure, lighter and thinner aluminum can be used for better heat transfer. This also makes the unit extremely lightweight, weighs just as much as the OEM unit. Also the seam down the middle creates more surface area contact with the coolant for a total heat transfer benefit versus stock of about 20%, and it will keep even the most powerful and demanding engines cool even if pushed in extreme temperatures and conditions. CSF designed these radiators to “drop in fit”, requiring no modifications to OEM mounting brackets and stock radiator location. 


  • Mirror Polished Finish

  • Precision ‘SAE Standard’ Filler Neck (Standard Caps Available)

  • Drop-In Fitment Requiring No Modifications

  • OE Specific Mounting Location

  • Pressure Tested at 50% Higher Pressure Than OE Units

  • 40% Higher Burst Strength Over OE Units

  • All Aluminum Drain Plugs

  • High Performance Multi-Louvered Fins

  • Innovative ‘B-Tube’ Technology

Aluminum End Tanks and Mounting Points

The CSF All Aluminum Race Radiator features aluminum end tanks and mounting points versus the weak plastic ones of the OEM units. The stock plastic end tanks start to degrade and become brittle over about 5-7 years time and tend to crack under high stress or vibration. CSF's all-aluminum end tank design are more durable and will last the lifetime of the vehicle. The mounting points are all CNC machined aluminum as well versus the stock plastic mounting points. These are the parts of the tanks that tend to break off the most, especially during racing. When cars have bumper contact, or during high vibrations (i.e veering off track, going over bumps/ track chicane, high speeds, etc), the plastic mounting points tend to crack or break off, and the radiator starts to immediately leak fluid.