2010 Black Porsche 997.2 GT3 BBi 4 Liter StreetCup Build


We joined forces with our friend Jeff to build this 2010 Porsche 997.2 GT3 to be the ultimate balance between a street car and track monster. This beast comes complete with our freshly built 4 liter engine, full suspension package, roll bar, aero upgrades, Forgeline Wheels, and much more. 

For more power, we decided to go with our stump puller of a 4.0 liter because we wanted the midrange punch. This gives us the ability to power out of a corner without having to be so high in the RPM range (engine still rips to 8800 rpms) but still have the power to have a lot of fun. Our BBI StreetCup side muffler bypass pipes helps keep that added torque in the midrange up and maximizes weight reduction. As part of the rebuilt process, the bearings, gaskets, chains, cam followers and actuators were all replaced; the oil pumps were thoroughly inspected and the fuel injectors were cleaned, balanced and calibrated

For improved improved handling, we installed our full suspension package with adjustable arms and a set of Ohlins Road and Track coilovers. The dampers utilizes the Hydro-Dynamic Damping technology that Ohlins has implemented in the Road and Track line to deliver daily driving comfort with track driving performance. We increased the spring rate in the front to compensate for the added mechanical grip that we got from the wider front track and wheel/tire set up. To have a naturally balanced setup, we also went with the wider rear wheel and tires.

To sum it up, the engine delivers great power from 4000 rpms to 8800 rpms and the chassis is very predictable and natural. As a result, this car is must drive and we are confident that the new owner will be very happy with the driving experience that it delivers.

Upgrade List:


  • New BBI 4.0L with 105.4mm Piston and Cylinder Kit 
  • Rotating Assembly Balanced to 2/10th of a gram.
  • Engine Rebuilt with All New Bearings, Gaskets, Chains, DLC Coated Cam Followers and Cam Actuators.
  • Welded Coolant Lines
  • BBi Cam Actuator Repair
  • Cobb AP with Custom BBI Calibration Fully Dyno Tuned to 91 & 100 oct.
  • BBI StreetCup Side Exhaust with OEM Titanium RS Muffler (50 State Legal)
  • Lightweight Flywheel and 4.0L Clutch Set Up (fully balanced)


  • GT3 Cup Fender Flares and Inner Liners
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Decklid RS Style
  • OEM GT3 RS Rear Wing and Risers


  • Full BBI StreetCup Control Arm Package (all of the goods)
  • Ohlins Road and Track with BBI spring package
  • Aggressive street/Track Alignment & Corner Balancing

Wheels & Tires

  • Forgeline GA1R CL 10x19 Front & 12x19 Rear Wheels
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 265 Front and 325 Rear