BBi R&D: Advanced Intercooler Development for Porsche GT2 RS


BBi Autosport joined forces with C&R Racing to help design and manufacture the intercooler upgrade system for the Porsche GT2 RS (991). As part of PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, C&R is a full-scale cooling provider, supplying R&D, testing and production of cooling solutions to top-tier race teams, performance automotive niche vehicle manufacturers, and specialty car builders who want only the best for their projects.

This kit is ready for installation (plug & play), and features a tube and fin core for ultimate cooling. We opted for a tube and fin core instead of bar and plate for its lighter weight and more efficient thermal inertia. This means it cools quickly when exposed to direct air flow.


• CNC Machined Billet End Tanks, Inlet/Outlet Ports

• Tube & Fin Core

• Designed to Use OEM Plumbing and Shrouds

• Compatible with Porsche 991.2 GT2 RS

• Made in USA



Brembo's New B-M6 / B-M4 Porsche Brake Systems Now Available for Porsche 997 GT3/RS

Brembo B-M6 / B-M4 Big Brake Kit, 997.2 GT3 /RS

Brembo's New B-M6 / B-M4 Porsche Brake Systems Now Available for Porsche 997.2 GT3/RS Applications! Utilizing Brembo’s exclusive 4D technology process, this all new caliper design has features commonly found in Brembo billet and forged racing calipers including integral bridges for exceptional stiffness, completely internal fluid passages, and a single concealed bleed screw providing greater safety and resistance to damage. For high initial response with excellent release characteristics, the B-M6 and B-M4 kit includes new 380mm Type III two-piece rotors, along with pads, lines and all hardware necessary for installation. As a Race Technologies LLC Partner, we carry Brembo brake pads, rotor discs and big brake and brake systems for all Porsche applications. Contact us today for more details!!!


  •  Caliper Body: Cast Monoblock Radial Mount

  • Caliper Piston Configuration: 6 Piston Front, 4 Piston Rear

  • Caliper Piston Design And Insert Type: Inner Pressure Seal / OEM Approved Dust Boot

  • Size: 380x34mm, 380x28mm

  • Rotor Design: Type 3 Pattern

  • All necessary hardware included



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Front 6 Piston Calipers and 380mm Type 3 Rotors

Front 6 Piston Calipers and 380mm Type 3 Rotors


Performance, Race

BBi R&D: 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering with Creaform and 3D INFOTECH

Garbage in, garbage out as they say. Reverse engineering is part of every day development at BBi Autosport when creating new performance upgrades or bespoke components. Speed, accuracy and simplicity is key when it comes to gathering data as this helps shorten the development cycle and increase quality. We seek to have OEM like fit and finish with best possible performance possible within every part. For a lot of our development we are using laser scanners to collect data - which allow us to create 3D snapshots of cars and components. This way we do not need to keep referencing the vehicle.

Chris from 3D INFOTECH brought over the latest offering from Creaform - the HandySCAN Black. This is a simple hand-held scanner featuring blue laser technology which performs great on dark and reflective surfaces. The way these scanners collect data is by shining laser beam flashes onto surfaces and using special cameras to capture how the lasers bounce back. Small reflective dots allow the scanner software to create a coordinate system and align all the snapshots together - creating a larger 3D picture. The speed of capture, accuracy has been greatly improved with the HandySCAN Black as it was very impressive how fast it soaked up all the details. What is also very useful is that the objects that are being scanned do not need to be stationary. The 991.2 Carrera T exhaust that we were scanning could be picked up, rotated and moved (as long as the dots are still on) which allowed for much easier and quicker capture.

How that data is handled is just as important as the scanner hardware. Creaform has a great software package that reviews all scanned points, consolidates and optimizes the points and forms a clean, easy to manage file to be used in parametric modelling software.

These scanners allow us to reduce R&D time and reduce dependency on having the vehicle physically in-house for the duration of the development. The 3D snapshots of the parts and car allow us to work within a 3D environment, creating components that would perfectly mesh with the factory parts as needed.

We will update more as we keep developing the Porsche Carrera exhaust system, how we use the data and how our concepts come to life.



Flying L Racing Ruby Star 991.1 GT3 RS BBi Exhaust Side Bypass & HRE R101LW Wheels


We would like to take a quick moment to present Flying L Racing’s Ruby Star Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS that we recently swapped out the bulky OEM side mufflers and replaced it with our BBi StreetCup Exhaust Bypass to reduce weight and deliver an aggressive exhaust note that matches the car's race-bred DNA. The side bypass is an excellent alternative to our popular center section exhaust bypass for those prefer a more aggressive Cup Car like sound and maximum weight savings. The factory secondary center exhaust weighs approximately 13 & 19 pounds for the Titanium RS and Stainless non-RS versions and our center section bypass weighs 8 pounds. This equates to only 5 or 11 pounds of weight savings depending on the variant.

To save the maximum weight, we took the same approach as Porsche with their Cup Cars, and bypassed the much heavier primary side mufflers. As shown on the scale, the primary mufflers are weigh approximately 46 pounds total for both the RS and non RS while our BBi bypass pipes are 5 pounds in comparison. That equates to a substantial weight reduction of 89% compared to the original weight of the OEM muffler that we replaced. For durability and protection against corrosion, each set is meticulously TIG welded using 304 aerospace grade stainless tubing with lower carbon content.

BBi Autosport Porsche 991/991 GT3 StreetCup Exhaust Bypass

BBi Autosport Porsche 991/991 GT3 StreetCup Exhaust Bypass

BBI Porsche 997 & 991 GT3/RS Side Exhaust Bypass


  • Produces deep aggressive exhaust notes similar to GT3 Cup Car

  • Meticulously TIG welded

  • Brushed 304 stainless tubing

  • Direct bolt-on replacement

  • Factory secondary center muffler and catalytic converters are all retained

  • 50 state emissions legal and will not void warranty

  • Made in USA

This product is made to order with a lead time of about 3wk. Please email or call for more information or to place an order.


  • bbi.991.202.0003

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Weight Comparison

Removing Bumper to Install BBi Exhaust Bypass

BBi Exhaust Bypass Installed

HRE R101 LW 991 GT3 RS in 19" and 20"/21"
from 9,600.00

HRE’s R101 Lightweight takes the R101 style to the next level. The R101 LW is specifically designed for individual vehicle models creating the ultimate in lightweight optimization for street use. Every vehicle model has a different load rating and power output, so HRE utilized this data to redesign the R101 for each model application fine-tuning each detail of the wheel to remove weight and add stiffness where possible.


  •  Monobloc 1-Piece

  • Aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum for high strength-to-weight ratio

  • Engineered to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia for maximum performance and handling

  • CNC machined to custom specifications for your specific application

  • OE TPMS and lug hardware compatible for ease of installation

  • Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty and 2 Year Finish Warranty

  • Both 19” & 20” versions are compatible with PCCB

  • 20x9.5/21x12.5 = 18.4 lbs./23.5 lbs

  • 19x9.5/19x12 =17.2 lbs./20.2 lbs.

991 GT3 RS Application Specific

  • 19x9.5 & 19x12

  • 20x9.5 & 21x12.5

  • hre.991.601.0002.19

  • hre.991.601.0002.20

Wheel Diameter:
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Otto Car Club Porsche 997.1 GT3 RS BBi Roll Bar, Recaro Seat Install


We recently track prepped this beautiful Silver Porsche 997 GT3 RS with BBS E88 belonging to Eli Kogan from OTTO Car Club, a unique social club and storage facility for car collectors and enthusiasts in Arizona. To provide proper restraint and support, we installed our our BBi Autosport StreetCup Roll Bar powder coated in Satin Black, Schroth GT3 Harnesses, and a Recaro Profi SPG racing seat mounted on our BBi Seat Base & Slider Kit. We finished it off by dialing in the suspension with our corner balance and alignment setup.

BBi Porsche 996/997 Roll Bar Installed Inside Vehicle

BBi Porsche 996/997 Roll Bar Installed Inside Vehicle

BBi Autosport Porsche 996/997 StreetCup Roll Bar

BBi Autosport Porsche 996/997 StreetCup Roll Bar

BBi Porsche 996 997 StreetCup Harness Bar

The BBi Street Cup Porsche 996 & 997 Street Cup Harness Bar features a 2 piece design and high strength seamless tubing (1.5” x .120” main hoop & 1.5” x 0.95” rear hoops) for excellent strength to weight ratio. With our sensible approach, the 2 piece design allows the bar to be mounted to the front seat belt mounts and to the rear strut towers (stronger mounting points), and still be compatible with the factory Bose subwoofer. Other similar roll bars on the market are not compatible with the subwoofer. For superior strength and rigidity, the bar utilizes “X” braces on both front and rear sections and each joint has been meticulously TIG welded by hand. Bolt-in installation is accomplished by using Inner Diameter Tube Clamps that are CNC turned and milled for a precise fit. These unique joints allow us to eliminate the more traditional slip fit tubes with an unsightly through-bolt and nut.


  • Made from high strength seamless tubing (DOM) (1.5” x .120” main hoop & 1.5” x 0.95” rear hoops) for excellent strength to weight ratio

  • TIG welded and utilizes “X” braces on both front and rear sections for superior strength and rigidity

  • Mounts to front seatbelt mounts and rear strut towers

  • Utilizes laser cut mounting plates & inner diameter tube clamps that are CNC turned and milled for a precise and seamless fit

  • Designed to work with stock or any aftermarket seats on the market

  • Can be used with stock seatbelts or 6 point harnesses for track use

  • Designed to work with wrap-around style harnesses while optional eyelet bolt provisions are available for clip-in harnesses

  • OEM fit & finish. The main hoop contours entire arch of the roof with an even 3/16 inch gap

  • Finished in satin black powder coat. Other optional colors available

  • Designed to fit all 996 & 997 non-cabriolet models including the Carrera, Turbo, GT2, and GT3

  • Bolt-in installation requires no drilling and minimal carpet trimming

  • Compatible with factory Bose subwoofer

  • Made in USA

International shipping is available and wholesale inquiries are welcomed. BBi Autosport products are also available worldwide through our growing dealer network in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific. BBi Autosport is always actively working to expand our dealer network worldwide to grow the distribution of our products and better serve our growing client base.

Please note that roll bars have a turn around time of one week.

Shipping Instructions: Please select the "Roll Bar Only - LTL Freight" option. (If outside the contiguous USA 48 states, please contact us for special shipping arrangements) 

  • bbi.997.820.0001
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Recaro Profi SPG Racing Seat

Recaro Profi SPG Racing Seat

Recaro Profi SPG Racing Seat
from 999.00

The RECARO Profi (FiA) racing seat provides the best starting position for racers seeking to compete for podium places. The Profi's ergonomic S shaped shell forms to the back and the he "built-in" lumbar support provides structured support for the lower back that protects against spinal compression in high impact accidents. Combined with high quality foam the seat is outstandingly comfortable. The bolsters and deep seat cushion pocket cradle your body. The seat holds you firmly in place preventing the fatigue and discomfort caused by unwanted movement during aggressive driving maneuvers. Available in 2 sizes, the Profi SPG XL is 35mm Wider than the normal Profi SPG. 

  • RECARO Profi SPG

  • FIA Certified and Crash Tested

  • RECARO Proprietary Ergonomics

  • RECARO High Integrity Comfort Shell - Fiberglass

  • Larger Height and Width - Fiberglass Shell

  • Aggressive Thigh & Torso Bolstering

  • Lumbar Cushions

  • Shock-absorbing foam

  • RECARO Friction Grip at Shoulders

  • Screw Mounted Panels at Belt Slots

  • Flame Retardant Upholstery

  • Long Lasting High Quality Cover

  • High Quality Durable Foam

  • Suitable for 4,5, or 6 Point Harness

 NOTE: Rails and seat brackets are not included. For Porsche seat mounting solutions - get the [BBi Seat Base and Slider Kit]

Part Number/ Size / Price

070.91.UU11 Profi SPG Standard

070.86.UU11 Profi SPG XL Black Velour

Shipping: Please opt for the “LTL Freight” Shipping option for USA. For International shipments - please contact us.

  • $250 Single Seat

  • $400 Pair of Seats

BBi Autosport Porsche Seat Base and Slider Kit

BBi Autosport Porsche Seat Base and Slider Kit

BBi Seat Base and Slider Kit

The BBi Autosport race spec seat mounts are a direct bolt into the factory mount location for a hassle free, easy installation for your competition race seat. The BBi Autosport Seat mounts have a large range of adjustment options allowing fitment for all major FIA and SFI approved seat brands and offers an integrated 5 and 6 point sub belt mounting location. The wide range of adjustment covers almost all possible seating preferences to properly seat drivers of all sizes. CAD designed, CNC laser cut and formed from one piece of .125” (1/8”) carbon steel with no welds to maximize strength and stiffness. All mounts are powder coated with a wrinkle black base and satin black sides. 


  • Precision CNC laser cut and bent from one piece of 1/8” 3mm carbon steel (base & side mounts)

  • Multi way adjustability

  • High strength sliders, mounts to base with 4 bolts per slider

  • Integrated 5 and 6-point sub belt mounting locations

  • Stylish design with laser cut BBi logo and durable satin black Powdercoat finish

  • No modifications to vehicle or any seat mount components are required for installation

  • Uniquely designed for Porsche vehicles for the best possible fitment

  • Mounts to factory bolt locations with precise factory fitment

  • Fits all major FIA/SFI approved seats up to 17”

  • 14-3/4”¬(375mm) to 17-1/2”(445mm) width adjustments (standard side mounts)

  • 16”¬(407mm) to 18-3/4”(476mm) width adjustments (optional wide side mounts)

Please verify seat sizing to ensure compatibility and fitment. Call us if you have questions or seek advise on best seat options for Porsche vehicles.

Click "Additional Info" for Installation Photos


  • bbi.911.817.0001

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Recaro Profi SPG Seat Mounted on BBi Autosport Seat Base & Slider

Recaro Profi SPG Seat Mounted on BBi Autosport Seat Base & Slider

Corner Balance & Alignment Set Up

Corner Balance & Alignment Set Up

Completed Project Ready for Delivery

Completed Project Ready for Delivery